About Us

Dave Jarrett 2Dave Jarrett, is the principal and founder of Breakthrough Performance  Solutions (BPS), and brings over 25 years of experience in leading rapid business improvement transformations and turnaround initiatives.

Trained and certified by TBM (Time Based Management) Institute in LeanSigma and John Maxwell Leadership,  Dave is a Lean leadership coach, trainer, and speaker who works throughout North America.  Dave assists aspiring leaders to create sustainable competitive advantage by equipping leaders to rapidly advance skills and expertise in transformational leadership, business visioning and strategy deployment (hoshin kanri).

Dave has mastered the gold standard of strategy and  business improvement tools  including Hoshin Kanri, Lean, Six Sigma, and QFD, as well as taught the transformational leadership principles of experts including Steven Covey, Ken Blanchard, and Jim Collins.

Dave feels priveledged to be mentored by exceptional transformational leaders including  Art Byrne, CEO of The Wiremold Company and author of The Lean TurnaroundAnand Sharma, CEO of TBM Consulting Group and author of The Perfect Engine and John Maxwell, world renown best selling author on leadership.  His mentors consistently emphasized the importance of 80/20 (Lean) thinking for breakthrough performance and daily improvement.

As a practitioner  of business improvement methods, Dave has worked to condense and simplify the key tools and techniques practiced by world class companies including Toyota, GE, Maytag and Wiremold, in order to make it easy for clients to master and implement the essential elements.

Dave and his team are experienced transformational leaders, and continuous improvement practitioners.  As coaches, trainers and interim leaders, they are passionate to work alongside aspiring change leaders, equipping them to rapidly advance teamwork, productivity, and innovation, and build sustainable competitive advantage.

The Breakthrough Team has successfully developed, tested and refined a scalable process for achieving rapid results in small and mid-sized organizations.  They understand the challenges associated with managing change, with limited resources and expertise and have developed unique ways to succeed under these circumstances.

The Breakthrough Team has diverse industry experience including pharmaceutical, consumer package goods, food and beverage, electrical and electronics manufacturing, office automation, emergency services and environmental. They know that success in business transformations is largely determined by the strength and commitment of the senior most leader(s), so they work closely with executive teams to ensure alignment and buy-in.

Achieving Breakthrough Performance and Results means:

  • Raising standards,
  • Altering beliefs
  • Excelling in Transformational Leadership and Leading Breakthrough Improvement 

The Breakthrough Team looks forward to equipping your organization with the tools and leadership techniques, to reach its infinite potential.