Coaches Save Talented, Troubled Manager

September 17, 2013


If you have problem managers, consider hiring an executive coach to help them.  This outside intervention is particularly valuable for managers who:

  • Are technologically talented but have poor interpersonal skills;

  • Don’t communicate well with their people and/or have difficulty “empowering” them; and

  • Have 75% of what it takes to get to the next level and can attain the missing 25% with some outside intervention.

In a few cases, a senior manager has a significant deficit – he’s arrogant, he’s overbearing – and the CEO or other senior company leader delivers an ultimatum:  “We won’t tolerate your behaviour.  Get help – we’ll pay for it – or get out”.

Executive coaching, which is part of the trend to invest in people, pays off.  If your good people get better, even much better, it’s a triple win – for the manager, the people he manages, and for your organization.

  • Adapted from Lisa Lee Freeman, Investor’s Business Daily

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