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At Breakthrough we work alongside your team, to equip your leaders to rapidly transform the organization, and accelerate your competitive advantage.

Achieving sustainable business success is much bigger than any individual leader. It grows from having 3 factors working together:

  • a culture focused on continual improvement of value for customers and owners, that has clear business goals; and
  • agile business processes and practices that focus people on customer value and reinforce the right behaviours; and
  • leaders who pay attention to the right things, putting the organization’s agenda ahead of their own.

We are professionally trained to coach and facilitate your business, product and service visioning, and guide you as your team crafts a breakthrough business strategy, and executes the deployment of your “critical-to-success” initiatives.  We also train and coach change leaders in the proper use and application of problem solving tools and techniques, used by many Fortune 100 companies, in order to accelerate results.

Our unique Rapid Implementation Methodology (RIM) accelerates performance improvement and develops strong cross-functional teamwork.  Our goal is to create a Business Improvement Program, that is uniquely tailored to the needs of the organization and powered by the most engaged and skilled employees.

A business that creates and maintains strong, enduring market leadership doesn’t happen by accident. It requires detailed planning, coordinated execution and continual process review and improvement, to ensure profitable growth.

At Breakthrough, we are passionate and disciplined when it comes to achieving growth and improvement, and work with a sense of urgency and a playful team spirit, to rapidly achieve your business goals.

Typical Results Achieved in Year 1
Arrow up = increase  15%   CashFlow
 25%   Production Capacity
 15%   Cross Training & Morale
down arrow = decrease  25%    Production Lead Time
 15%    Costs of Facility Services
 50%    Defects/Errors/Rework
  5%    Cost of Goods Sold
 25%    Order Processing Time

* Based on completing one 5 day Rapid Improvement Project / month