Our Services Accelerate Improvement

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At Breakthrough, we simplify the process of business improvement .

We offer interim leadership, professional facilitation, executive coaching, mentoring and training, should internal resources be unavailable to lead your organization through rapid change and improvement.
Breakthrough interim leaders, coaches and trainers work alongside your leadership team to support:

  • Business Planning & Product Visioning
  • Growing Change Leaders
  • Helping With Leadership Selection, and Skills Development
  • Managing Daily Improvement
  • Training and Mentoring Continuous Improvement Sponsors and Champions
  • Facilitating Breakthrough Kaizen Events (1 to 5 day activities)
  • Managing Rapid Culture Change

Our programs focus on empowering employees to work as cross-functional, multi-disciplined teams, in order to dramatically improve business processes and develop new and creative ways of serving clients.

Transforming Businesses Through Leadership Development

Let’s face it, we can only strengthen our work culture and build strong employee morale when we recognize that our people are the most important and most appreciating asset we have. When we develop a business culture based on respect for people, process and the environment, we build momentum and improvement takes hold!

With over 20 years experience in transforming businesses, we’ve learned how to make it easier for you to achieve your goals and dreams.